Are you tired of razor bumps or a non-moisturizing shave, then this Natural Shaving Cream is just for you.  100% All Natural Shaving Cream can be used by Men and Women.  Made with Rose Clay that helps to eliminate nips and cuts as well as helping to prevent razor bumps.  Rose clay allows the razor to gently glide over the skin and gives a nice "slip".  Infused with Shea Butter to moisturize your skin while shaving.


Unisex Shaving Cream

  • Uses: Can be used by women and men to shave facial hair, armpits, legs etc.


    Ingredients: Shea Butter, Rose Clay and Organic Soap


    How To Use: Scoop desired amount out of the jar and spread over area that is going to be shaved.  Shave as normal and then wipe remaining product off or you can rinse it off with warm water.  Safe for all skin types.


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