If you like sweet mangos then this body butter is a must.  Scented with a sweet mango fragrance that is so addictive that it is one of our BEST sellers.  See what the rave is about and get yours.


This luxurious sweet Mango Body Butter glides over your skin for excellent moisturization.  Excellent for all skin types.  Absorbs into the skin for a baby soft feel.  Great for after bath and showers.  Wonderful to smooth on feet.  Made with the best butters that nature can provide.  



Mango Body Butter

  • How To Use:

    After bath or shower massage onto skin while skin is still damp.   Can be reapplied if necessary.  Great to smooth over rough skin and feet.



    Mango Butter, Shea Butter, Arrowroot Powder, Grapeseed Oil, Vitamin E and Fragrance

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