If you want to stregthen your hair so that it can grow then our Chebe Oil is for you.  Chebe has been used in Chad, Africa for many years to help promote hair growth.  It is wonderful to use to control hair breakage.  It goes on smoothly to leave your hair manageable and shiny.  It moisturizes and nourishes your hair so that it can achieve and maintain a healthy look.


Safe for the whole family to use and is all natural.





Chebe Hair Strengthener Oil

  • How To Use


    Best used on damp hair.  Pump out about two quarters size worth(depending on hair length) and massage throughout your hair and style as normal.  Can be used on Natural and Permed hair.



    Chebe, Castor OIl, Grapeseed OIl, Olive OIl and Argan OIl

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