Adorable Ceramic Candle Burners willl fill your room with lovely fragrances.  Portable and is a great add-on with our Scoop Candle Soy Wax.  These are small enough to fit into any room decor.  Just scoop out some of our soy wax and place it on top of the burner and place a tea light candle underneath to burn.  Then enjoy the lovely fragrances.


3 inches tall

(sold as 1 candle burner each, not as a set)

Candle Burners (3 Inch)

  • How To Use:


    1. Scoop soy wax from one of our Scoop Candle colletions.
    2. Place soy wax on top of burner
    3. Place a tea light candle (not included) in the bottom opening of the burner
    4. Light the tea light candle at the bottom
    5. Enjoy you fragrance!


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