Who doesn't LOVE Body Powder!  Made with natural ingredients that are gentle on our skin.  Our Body Powders will help you to control moisture and feel silky smooth.  Great for babies and adults.  


Talc, Corn and Grain FREE.  Naturally made.  Comes in various fragrances and also unscented.  


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Body Powder

  • How To Use

    Sprinkle over body after bath or shower
    Can be reapplied throughout the day
    Great for diaper changes
    Excellent to use in shoes to control moisture from sweat


    Arrowroot powder, chamomile powder, silk powder and fragrance


    Benefits of:


    Arrowroot Powder - Helps to clear acne, promotes natural skin healing, softens skin

    Chamomile Powder - Helps to fade spots, helps to soothe skin and it can help with skin irritations like eczema

    Silk Powder - Nourishes the skin and smooths skin  

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