Frequently asked questions

Project Planning

We have worked on projects of every scope. We know the necessary steps, requirements, time estimates and common roadblocks. Our expertise and experience help plan your project and ensure fewer surprises when complete.

Unbiased Insight

As external consultants, we’re not influenced by internal factors. We see your needs and build a solution based on the information you provide and the research we conduct. We provide neutral, unbiased advice and help drive conversations toward viable solutions.

Value & Quality Control

Every piece of technology has options with ranges of quality and cost. Our expertise highlights available options and helps determine which are acceptable, what to avoid and why. Often the lowest cost solution causes more issues and costs more in the long run. VWMason identifies problems and offers qualified and quantified solutions.

Procurement Support

Procurement assistance is one of VWMason’s sharpest skills. The importance of hiring the right integrators and trades at the best price cannot be overstated. We have extensive project experience and connections with many manufacturers, integrators and trades. We draw on this information to help you build the best possible team.

Long-Lasting Relationships

As trusted experts, we value relationships with our clients and love to share our expertise. We share advice and tips at every step of the project, and we're there to help if you experience problems afterward. Our team is certified on most products we specify, and our services include customized training to supplement manufacturer training. Effective training increases user adoption and speeds up project rollouts.