About Us

About Unique Body Blends

Our mission at Unique Body Blends Inc is to provide you with the best possible skin care products that is geared towards our Melanin Sisters and your skin problems.  Providing you with the results that you have been longing for is our main focus.  Using the best skin-loving ingredients will ensure that you will have the best quality products on the market.

Meet The Owner


Growing up in Brooklyn, New York you quickly learn how to feel, look and smell good.  I always loved to try different fragranced products from different skin care companies.  One day a friend of mine brought it to my attention that there were a lot of harmful chemicals in some of my favorite products.  That started my research journey on finding out how these chemicals are harmful to our body and skin.  While researching, I discovered how some of these ingredients can cause cancer and that was scary.

During my research I found out that I could make my own skin care products and control what ingredients are in them.  As time went on, I created a few products and had friends and family try them out.  They liked it so much and told me that I should sell the products.  Most of them stated that the products helped them with some of their skin issues.  This is when I decided to start Unique Body Blends.